Our Story


The idea of Our Little Dreams was born when our creative designer, an avid sewer and personal clothing designer for over 35 years, learned she was going to become a “Grammy” for the very first time. Having one of her little dreams come true, six years ago, she began designing and sewing sleep sacks for her first grandchild.  This journey began when her eldest daughter could not find a sleep sack that was made of quality fabric and would keep the baby warm throughout the night (hence, providing a restful night for both mommy and baby).   Fast forward a few years later, her son Tony, an avid sewer himself, thanks to her,  began experimenting with fabrics and decided they needed to start a company.  The rest of our story is still untold, as is with all of Our Little Dreams.  

Our Little Dreams is committed to finding, creating, and providing families with quality, safe, eco-friendly and organic fabrics.

Our personal mission is to ignite one dream at a time.  We sew and design all our products in "our little studio".  We hope you allow us to help you on your journey and dreams with your little one. Let your journey begin!