TAT:  Please plan for a 10-14 BUSINESS days TAT during the holiday season for all PRE-ORDERS - unless stated otherwise. Plan for a roughly 3-5 BUSINESS day TAT on In Stock Merchandise. 

How To Order? Please DO NOT combine NEW ARRIVALS & PRE-ORDERS on your order.  

You MAY COMBINE items if the they are ALL in the NEW ARRIVALS section.
Failure to do so could cause potential delays on your TAT. 

Deal Of The Day: Deal of the days are specials ONE DAY sale prices. Orders are posted around roughly 11AM (EST) & typically close at 9AM (EST) the following day. Items will close out, return to regular price, and be put up for grabs in the EXTRA section. DO NOT COMBINE WITH OTHER ITEMS!
Extras: Extras will consist of previous deal of the day items that have not yet arrived to our warehouse. They will be regular price but it will give you the chance to still purchase them after DOD has ended. Stock will be LIMITED

In Stock: 
These items will be NEW ARRIVAL items that have arrived to our warehouse and our limited everyday collections. Please plan for a roughly 3-5 business day TAT on these items. You MAY COMBINE In Stock Merch ONLY.