To The Parents Of Our Little Dreams

As kids we play in the playgrounds of what really is a metaphor of our lives.  Chasing dreams, climbing uncertainty, and swinging to love.  There is an innocence that we inhale at our very first breath.  An innocence we then crawl with and then walk with.  It is evident in the foot prints we leave for the very first time to the  popsicle stains that paint our clothes.   As we chase our dreams, we wear our capes.  As we climb uncertainty, we forget how high it is to the top, and as we swing, we find the meaning of what it means to never let go.  

If you ever notice, no matter how tired our parents are because of our lust for life as kids, they always seem to stop and stare at us as if we are the playground to their life.  We can keep them up for days, but through all this chaos, they will chase us, become our certainty, and most importantly will catch us even when we do not fall.

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