Do You Have The Time, Please?

There are many articles that flood the internet regarding sleep schedules for babies.  Believe me, I get the whole schedule thing.  I watched my 3 sisters become glued to time.  I quickly learned time was no longer free. It was consumed with nursing, naps, diapers, laundry, clean-up, then repeat.  Rewind to the years prior to this rinse and repeat adventure, time was their best friend. It was filled with sleep, gym, dates, wine, dinner, Netflix and everything else that they wished they savored during those “free” moments.  Early morning was just a roll over in bed. Now, it’s a roll over into selflessness and the new alarm to their life. I know some wish for those free days, but if I'm being honest, I would rather roll into the latter.

 There are now dedicated consultants that are sought out to help those on the front line struggling with sleep challenges.  We reach out with such desperation because we just want time. Time to our self, for just a moment.  We read every sleep training book, consult our friends/family to determine what is “normal”, set up meetings with these so called experts and read every Facebook article that is shared among the millions of parents who just want a moment to sleep. While we navigate this “chaotic” journey, we yearn for some sort of sanity, some sort of semi-organized schedule so we can find our breath.  And that's the point, finding your breath.  You get a moment to yourself and that moment is spent searching for the answer.  What if there is no answer?  What if the answer lies within your little ones breath or for that matter, their time?

 I applaud all parents and the daily sacrifices that are made.  There is nothing easy about being a mom or a dad.  In fact, the only road to success is the failures that are endured during the journey.  There are times we all feel defeated and even collapse at the foot of the bed, for just a moment. But this defeated trace is just a reminder that you are learning.

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